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FD Series Refrigeration Compressed Air

FD Series Refrigeration Compressed Air

FD Series Refrigeration Compressed Air
Product Name:FD Series Refrigeration Compressed Air
Category:FD Series Refrigeration Compressed Air
Update:2013/12/20 11:02:32


Main Technical Parameters
Model Number  FD-3 FD-6 FD-10 FD-20
Air Treatment Capacity M3/min  3 6 10 20
Working Voltage V  220 380 380 380
Power KW  1 2 3 5
Pipe Diameters of Inlet and Outlet  1″Pipe Tread 2″Flange 2.5″Flange 4″Flange
Cooling Mode  Air Cooling Water Cooling(1.2T/H) Water Cooling(2T/H) WaterCooling(4T/H)
Water Cooling Water Cooling Water Cooling
Pressure Dew Point  <10℃designed4℃
Temperatures of Compressed 
Air at Inlet and Outlet  
Weight Kg  80 200 300 380
External Dimensions
L*W*H (m) 
1*0.82*0.65 1.2*0.8*1.2 1.3*075*1.45 1.7*1*1.3

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