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Granulating Crusher

Granulating Crusher

Granulating Crusher
Product Name:Granulating Crusher
Category:Granulating Crusher
Update:2013/12/20 10:32:54


Working Principle:
  This machine,  adopting  advanced technologies, uses the crushing blades to cause a swirling effect on the material and throw  the material granules to the crushing sieve surface. The  shearing function caused by the crushing blades and sieve surface crushes the material; and the crushed 
  material  is  discharged  through  the  sieve.  The  granular  size  or  powder ratio can be adjusted  by  the  sieve  mesh,  gap  between the crushing blades and the sieve, and the rotation  speed of  the  rotary   blades.  This machine  is  mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.
Model NO 150 280 400 600
Power(Kw) 2.2~6 4~6 5.5~6 7.5~11
Production Capactiy(Kg/h) 30~120 150~300 250~600 400~1000

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