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Address:No.225 Tongzhou Road, Private Development Zhang Pu Town Kunshan
Contact: Wu Manager
Mob: 186-2617-8058
Tel: 0512-57452658
Fax: 0512-57452650 

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  Kunshan Qiang Wei Powder Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional production of various jet mill series, development, manufacture and application of science and technology private enterprise, the main product models: LZQS series of fluidized bed jet mill; YQS series of supersonic jet mill; GFJ series of high efficiency grinder; ZLJ-350 Granulator; ZLJ Series Whole grinder; high-precision air filter; FX series of grading machine; ZF series Vacuum Powder Feeding Machine; M250 ultra-low temperature mechanical grinder, etc. products. Product 17 projects were national patent, which received a national invention patent. The company was awarded "China Top Ten grinder famous brand", "Suzhou famous brand", "private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province" and "re-contract and trustworthy enterprise" and other honorary titles.

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